Business VoIP Phone Systems in Leamington Spa

We offer a range of Business VoIP solutions to suit any size of Leamington Spa business or office.

As an independent supplier, our team of VoIP experts can ensure you get the best network, handsets and call solutions for your business in Leamington Spa CV31.

Smart VoIP is a unified telecom provider in Leamington Spa. Many of our Leamington Spa customers are moving from the traditional analogue BT lines, ISDN or fixed PBX to the enhanced hosted VoIP (cloud) based telephony. Want to find out more about our business VoIP solutions? Talk to our experienced team who will be happy to help.

VoIP Phones for Businesses in Leamington Spa

We offer a full range of cloud-based phone systems in Leamington Spa to suit all business types, from small local offices to large multi-location enterprises:

  • VoIP hosted Channels
  • SIP Trunks
  • Superfast Broadband (Fibre & ADSL)
  • Fixed landlines
  • Call Packages
  • Localised Leamington Spa numbers
  • Choice of handsets
  • Unified Coms (Softphones/Hardware/Apps)

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What are the Benefits of a VoIP Phone in Leamington Spa?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) represents the latest technology for managing Leamington Spa business telephone systems.

With VoIP, calls are routed over the internet rather than the usual PSTN found in traditional phone systems. You can make VoIP calls using a VoIP dedicated phone, smartphone or a regular phone connected to a dedicated VoIP adapter, making VoIP an accessible telecom solution for any business in Leamington Spa CV31.

VoIP is effective, reliable and affordable, plus easy to both adopt and manage in small and large organisations.

Flexible & Scalable VoIP Phone Service in Leamington Spa that moves with you!

With VoIP, you no longer have to rely on big, fixed systems that cost a fortune and need regular maintenance. VoIP calls are available at any location where the internet is available. Whether you are at your Leamington Spa desk in an office, or on a beach in Spain, as long as your internet connection is solid, your VoIP system will work.

Many useful features are included as standard, such as call recording, IVR (Interactive voice response), out-of-hours call diverting and voicemail-to-email. And it's easy to add new features when required, without any new equipment.

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VoIP is Suitable for Almost Any Leamington Spa Business

We’ve installed, moved and set up hundreds of VoIP phone systems in Leamington Spa with industries such as:

  • Auctioneers
  • Accountants
  • Builders Merchants
  • Call Centres
  • Estate Agencies
  • Funeral Directors
  • Industrial Units
  • IT Support Networks
  • Kitchen Fitters
  • Marketing Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Service Offices
  • Shopping Centres
  • Small Offices
  • Waste Collectors
  • and many more...

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Smart VoIP - VoIP Providers in Leamington SpaMarket Leading VoIP Brands

Our Leamington Spa business VoIP system includes equipment and infrastructure from the market-leading suppliers:

3 Reasons Customers in Leamington Spa Choose Smart VoIP:

  1. We only use the most trusted and reliable, award-winning networks, with customer support to match.
  2. Our call solutions are feature-rich, allowing seamless calls on phones, softphones and mobile apps.
  3. We provide a no-compromise service at the lowest prices, giving great value channels, lines and call plans.

If you are moving office in Leamington Spa or simply looking for a better, more functional phone system, talk to Smart VoIP and we will help you to achieve a fully integrated telecoms system.

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Why Choose a VoIP Phone System in Leamington Spa?

Running Costs

With no expensive ISDN phone lines and PBX systems, VoIP installation and running costs are kept to a minimum. One of the most popular benefits our customers first notice with VoIP.

Highly Flexible

As long as you have a good, stable connection to the internet, your Smart VoIP phone system, be it in the Leamington Spa office, at home or even on holiday can make or receive calls.


As your Leamington Spa business grows, so can your VoIP system. No expensive upgrades or phone system updates needed, the only additional cost may be that of a new extension or extra handset.

Feature Rich

Our Smart VoIP system is feature rich with many handy add-ons such as call forwarding, hunt groups and voicemail to email.

Local Numbers

In some businesses it is often desirable to have a presence in other parts of the country. With our VoIP platform, you can choose from our wide range of standard or memorable numbers.

Full Support

Our friendly support team is here to help. Our UK-based VoIP specialists are happy to help with any technical difficulties or questions you may have.

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